Infographic Assignment

In order to create this infographic, we had to clean up the data provided using Microsoft Excel. The reason we did this was to make the illustrated data more clear and more informative, without it being cluttered by useless wording.

It is important to note that some of the wording has been abbreviated in order to be more visually appealing and brief.

While this list contains many of the activities the Pew Internet Project has asked about,it is not a comprehensive list.

These results are based on a series of questions about specific health topics.

Last updated: February 2012

Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project Tracking surveys (March 2000 – February 2012).

Percentage fo Daily Internet Usage Many Eyes

Parks Canada Map Assignment

In order to create the park map assignment I did the following:

First I went to the Parks Canada website in order to download the National Parks excel file spreadsheet. Once I had the file opened and saved onto my computer, I started “cleaning” my data. I eliminated everything from the spreadsheet except for the information in the columns labeled “park name”, “latitude”, and “longitude”. After that I went to the website and deleted all the existing location data in the box and replaced it by pasting my info from my excel file. Once that was done, I clicked on “map now” and emailed myself the link and the embed code to my map. Voila! My map is made and here it is:

View Parks Canada Map in a full screen map